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讀書俱樂部: 流量的秘密


Miami Muscle

Using advanced animation and credible information from a world champion, Miami Muscle provides muscle building instruction in a new way. Miami Muscle was born from the frustration of two regular guys living in Miami. One was an Australian DJ and the other from China who was a manager for an Apple store. Both of them decided that they wanted to get in shape and have better physiques but became quickly disillusioned by how hard it was to find credible and trusted lessons to help them. They realized if they were having this problem, there was probably a other guys having the same problem. They decided to create a product to help others while also helping themselves. They reasoned that the best person to teach another to build muscle, was a muscle building champion. After a search for a presenter, they found Moji Oluwa, an Olympic weight lifter and celebrated Natural Body Building Champion. Moji become part of the company!
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