$100K 斜槓競速


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《$100K 斜槓競速》21 天挑戰

總共有 24 個 MP4 影片 (可下載),總長約 1,128 分鐘


  • 控制如何讓人們願意付高價的秘密原則
  • 操作如何快速從零開始,創造出你的第一個高價知識產品
  • 掌握如何進行發售產品的溝通秘訣,並且成交
  • 還有更多…



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$100K Slash Racing — 21 Day Challenge

There are a total of 24 MP4 videos with a total length of about 1,128 minutes in this product.

As each day progresses, you will learn:

  • The secret principle that controls how people are willing to pay a premium
  • How to quickly start from scratch and create your first high-ticket knowledge product
  • Master the secrets of how to allocate the messages of the products for sale and close the deal
  • And more…

Make your own intellectual asset. Build your own business. Create your own digital business from the Internet.

You will have more free time to accompany your family, achieve your own life goal, and more dreams!

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