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本書為 84 頁的 PDF 檔 (可下載),是為了想做知識產品而沒有經驗的初學者所寫,書中的延伸資源則適於進階使用者。


  • 找到可獲利的利基市場
  • 選擇適合你的知識產品
  • 從零開始,製作你的知識產品
  • 解析銷售訊息的順序安排
  • 說明建立種子名單的方式,並且進行發售


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Building Online Wealth One Course At A Time

The book has a total of 84 pages PDF and is written for inexperienced beginners who want to make knowledge products. The extended resources in the book are suitable for advanced users.

Content includes:

  • Find profitable niches
  • Choose the knowledge product that suits you
  • Create your knowledge product from scratch
  • Allocating sales messages
  • How to build a seed list and launch your product to them

The book will explain step by step, how to turn personal interests and expertise into knowledge products, and then bring online income.

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