$100K 斜槓競速: 21 天工作簿


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$100K 斜槓競速: 21 天工作簿

此工作簿是對應 $100K 斜槓競速 線上訓練影片的工作手冊,總共有 46 頁


  • 第一天: 解析知識變現的⼀⼈公司,產品發售破百萬美⾦的原理
  • 第二天: 界定:興趣、專業與市場
  • 第三天: 專家定位下的獨特⾼價產品
  • 第四天: 實踐⾼價產品的 3 種技巧
  • 還有更多…



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$100K Slash Racing — 21 Day Workbook

This is a 46 ​​pages workbook corresponding to the $100K Slash Racing video product.

Content includes:

  • Day #1: Theory of Knowledge Cashflow for Company of One: Why can Product Launch bring you millions?
  • Day #2: Interfaces of Interest, Expertise, and Markets
  • Day #3: Unique High-Ticket Product by Authority Positioning
  • Day #4: Three Skills for High Ticket Product Implementation
  • And much more…

Make your own intellectual asset. Build your own business. Create your own digital business from the Internet.

You will have more free time to accompany your family, achieve your own life goal, and more dreams!

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